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Who We Are

Meet Founder and CEO Shanique Mohenu

I created The Purple Crown: home and body essentials after giving birth to my son. He inspired me to start a foundation, the building blocks to a better future. His resilience and bravery opened up my eyes and showed me that I could achieve my own goals and aspirations, thus I decided to create a business that resonates with me and would be beneficial for others. I started my body care/home aromatherapy brand for men and women. 

Our hope and plan is to provide woman and men with products that take you to a happy place; whether that be your favorite restaurant, country, or if it reminds you of someone special in your life, TPC wants to take you there by providing you with quality products infused with your favorite fragrances and essential oils. We want to enlighten your creative visions with the hopes that you may also find your purpose. As we love to say, “Let the Aroma Guide You.”



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